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What’s Blooming and When?

I asked on my social media pages,

“What do you enjoy about the #roadsideflowerstand?”

One response was, “How things change with the seasons”.

I agree. Each week is different with different flowers available.

I don’t want you to miss out on your favorites, so here is a list of what is typically blooming at Jen’s Flower Garden by month. This is a general list. Each month is dependent on Mother Nature.


Tulips Daffodils Ranunculus Anemones


Tulips Ranunculus Anemones Peonies


Lilies Snapdragons Sunflowers Sweet William Yarrow Mint

Love-in-a-Mist Feverfew


Lilies Sunflowers Zinnias Basil Celosia Cosmos Sweet William


Hydrangea Lilies Sunflowers Zinnias Celosia Cosmos Marigolds Dahlias


Dahlias Lilies Bicolor Sunflowers Zinnias Celosia Cosmos Marigolds


Dahlias Bicolor Sunflowers Zinnias Celosia Cosmos Marigolds

This is not a complete list of every item that I grow, but it does include all of the main flowers that are available through out the season.

My hope is this list gives you a better understanding of what is “IN SEASON” at Jen’s Flower Garden and to make sure you get your favorites when they are available.

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